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The Great British Bump-Off!

Tensions are high in the bake-off tent...but not because of the high stakes and competitive bakes - no. Shaw G. Bottom, our prestigious judge, has just been murdered!

On the 17th of October, six bakers face off with one another, attempting to figure out just who killed their judge! With six characters per group revealing backstories and secrets that they didn’t even know themselves until that moment, what could possibly go wrong? As expected, surprisingly much. Excuse after excuse pile up as everyone tried to defend their innocence, and the only way to dig yourself out of one hole was to throw yourself into another. (Apparently, principles and the fact that murder is beneath one’s standards are legitimate reasons to why one wasn’t the murderer.)

Our roleplay was great fun, with everyone throwing themselves into their roles (thanks in no small part to the hilarious names) and defending themselves against numerous interrogations, some introduced by the script, and others by sharp-eared bakers who realised something was a little off. And it turned out surprisingly difficult to figure out just who was the murderer - because everyone was just THAT suspicious.

As each round of voting commenced, everyone couldn’t seem to agree on just who was the murderer. All the discoveries that were made - stolen utensils, suspicious rendezvous - just made it too difficult to decide on just one murderer! Eventually though, the fun must end and the murderer was seduced using the clues everyone pieced together.

It was awesome to see everyone take their backstories and discoveries seriously, whether it’s attempting to fake a British accent, or just throwing on a hat.

Thank you to those who joined us for our murder mystery! It was amazing to see you all, and we can’t wait to see you at future events!

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