Thinking about challenge that ASEAN faces


Listen to ideas and opinions from diverse range of people from ASEAN on issues that are facing the region


Putting ideas and opinions into writing that can impact the region for the better through student journalism


Initiate dialogue with key leaders in different industries to ensure that our voice is heard and consulted for policy-making in ASEAN

Tan Chee Yong

Chee Yong is the incumbent President of KCL's ASEAN Society who believes in the power of writing in making our world a better world. He is also a writer who occasionally write about a variety of subject on global issues, ASEAN and Malaysia. In this column, he wrote to the New Strait Times Malaysia about the argument for electoral reform in Malaysia. 

Young Jeen Ann

Jeen Ann is now the Director of ASEAN Think and possesses a huge passion for writing for a better ASEAN. He is instrumental in helping KCL ASEAN Society in establishing an intellectual motivated writing wing Read his latest article on New Straits Times Malaysia to find out more how ASEAN can contribute to tackling plastic pollution issue in the region. Click on the link to find out more!

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